Product Dosage:  For Seed Treatment: Mix 1L of Azospira with seeds required for 1 acre (Approx 25 – 40Kg)
• For seedling dip: Mix 10ml of Azospira with 1L of water, Dip the seedling for 10-20 minutes before transpalnting
• Drip Irrigation: Mix 2L of Azospira with 200 L of water. Drip irrigate 1 acre of land.
• Soil Application: Mix 2L Azospira with 100Kg compost or Organic manure, broadcast or apply neear the root zone.

Packaging: IL


Azospirillum Brasilense

Promicrobes Azospira is made of the best characterized genus of the plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. Azosprillium sp. biologically fixes atmospheric nitrogen by colonizing the plant root surface and releasing phytohormones that help in plant growth promotion and alleviating biotic and abiotic stresses.

• Improve plant health through nitrogen fixation
•  Helps activate the soil biologically and stimulate plant growth
• Improves cereal seed germination and growth

Recommendation: Seed Treatment, Mix with FYM, Rhizosphere application


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