Leadership Team

Chairman & Managing Director Manjunath Sanu Samarth Bio Tech

Manjunath Sanu

Chairman and Managing Director

Manjunath Sanu is the Chairman and Managing Director of Samarth Biotech Limited and its group of companies. He is a well-recognised leader in the Aginput sector with over 40 years of experience in introducing innovative products to the farming sector in India.

Manjunath Sanu founded Samarth Biotech Limited in 1993 with a vision to bring about systemic change in Indian cropping systems for effective crop yield and maintaining soil health. He is among the first in the country to introduce Biofertilizers, Neem-based biopesticides, Micro nutrients and Secondary Nutrients in the Aginputs sector. His work for four decades has been to promote Integrated Nutrient and Pest Management with a major emphasis on Sustainable – Organic farming. His collaborative mindset has allowed him to create brands that have stood tall for decades and continue to play a vital role in the farming industry.

Manjunath Sanu is an Agri graduate from University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad-Bengaluru. Extensive experience in his early days in academia as a research scientist, as head of sales in reputed Indian Aginput industries like Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd, and his trading enterprise Shri Manjunath Agro Kendra has enabled him to create multiple organisations of high value, contributing to Indian and Global agriculture.

Director Ritesh Sanu Samarth Bio Tech

Ritesh Sanu


Ritesh Sanu sits on the Board of Directors of Samarth Biotech Limited. He is a polymath, leading the organisation with his skills in technical, administrative and creative departments. With eight years of experience in the Aginput industry, Ritesh contributes to new-age technology development and positioning of products in new markets.

Ritesh possesses an unwavering passion for exploring diverse ecosystems and the intricate interactions between microorganisms and plants. He believes Mutualism learnt from Nature is the best way forward to achieving profitability in farming without affecting the environment and soil. He has extensively studied Biological control and Nutrient management and is on a mission to make biological solutions the most preferred Aginputs alongside the regulated use of conventional inputs.

Ritesh Sanu holds an Erasmus Mundus master’s degree in Plant Health in sustainable cropping systems from the European Commission (Spain, Italy, The Netherlands) and a Biotechnology engineering degree from BVBCET (KLETECH). His research included organisms like Metarhizium Anisopliae and Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) for effective biological control and PGP actions. Prior to Samarth Biotech Limited, he was a Discovery Manager with Koppert Biological Systems in the Netherlands and a Business Developer with AND Biopharma, Belgium. His experience and clarity in the biological sector keep Samarth Biotech Limited ahead in the Aginput business.

If you want to read his blogs or listen to his music, please visit riteshsanu.com.