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Recommendation: Seed Treatment, Mix with FYM, Rhizosphere application

Product Dosage: 1L per Acre

Packaging available: IL, 2L, SL, 10L, 20L


Promicrobes Bio-Potash is a combination of Potash Mobilising Bacteria (KMB), and Prebiotics that act as a source of nutrition to the plant and beneficial microorganisms in the soil. KMB converts complex immobilized/ unusable form of Potash in the soil to a utilizable form, readily available for plants.


• KMB can mobilise and make available more than 30 Kg/ hectare of potash .
• KMBs are regarded as plant growth-promoting bacteria that can regulate hormone production and inhibit soil pathogens.
• KMB produces organic acids that help in dissolving both soil potash and inorganic amendment of potash.
• Potash is a regulator of most enzyme activity, water-nutrient transport and stomatal opening (important in combating drought stress) .
• Potash helps in the synthesis of sugars and proteins required for plant growth, and higher fruit yield.

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1L, 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L


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