Matru Bhoomi

Matru Bhoomi

Neem, Karanja, Turmaric, Caster, rock Phosphate, Vermicompost, Gypsum, Poultry manure, goate manure, Biostimulants (Humic, fulvic, amino acid & seaweed extracts) and beneficial organisms.

Samarth Matru Bhoomi is a press mud-based well decomposed Organic manure enriched with multiple organic compounds. Neem Cake, Karanja Cake, Turmeric Cake, Castor Cake, Rock Phosphate, Vermi compost, Gypsum, Poultry Manure, Goat Manure, Biostimulants (Humic, fulvic, amino acid, and seaweed extracts), and Beneficial organisms.


• Organic manure provides all the nutrients that are required by plants but in limited quantities. • It helps in maintaining C:N ratio in the soil and also increases the fertility and productivity of the soil.

Recommendation: Field crops, Vegetables, Flower crops, medicinal plants, Fruit crop, plantation crops, oilseed crops & Pulses

Product Dosage:

• 50-100 kg/ Acre (at the time of sowing) -Field crops, Vegetables, Flower crops & medicinal plants.

• 1-2 kg/ plant (at the time of plating before flowering )- Fruit crop and plantation crops

• 50-100 kg/ acre (at the time of sowing)- oilseed crops & Pulses  

Packaging available:  40 kg

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