Cross linked hydro retension

Jeevarakshak is a cross-linked hydro retention product consisting of natural plant and source extract for absorption, retention and release of water. Jeevarakshak acts as a reservoir under extreme drought conditions to enable moisture and water availability to the root. Its secondary advantage is improving Nutrient Use efficiency (NUE) by retaining nutrients around the rhizosphere by avoiding leaching or draining off. Also, the herbs and biostimulants used in Jeevrakshak protect the crop from soil-borne pests and alleviate biotic-abiotic stresses.


• Combat drought stress by maintaining moisture around the rhizosphere
• Maintain optimum surface moisture.
• Prevent fertilizer loss due to leaching
• Helps fight soil- borne pests and pathogens

Product Dosage: For field crops: 1-2 kg/Acre
• Plantation crops : 3-4 kg/Acre Application to the rhizosphere (near the root zone).
Can be mixed with fertilizers and biostimulants for efficient use of fertilizers.

Packaging available:  500gm, 1000 gm

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