Borosan-F (Liquid)

Borosan-F (Liquid)

Micronutrients Mixture Zn-10%: Fe-2%: Mn-2% B-0.5%

Borosan is a Grade 2 micronutrient mixture defined by govt. of Karnataka for soil application.


• Zinc is crucial for producing essential plant growth hormones and enzyme activation for carbohydrate metabolism.

• Iron is a component of many enzymes associated with chlorophyll synthesis, energy transfer and lignin formation.

• Manganese plays a key role in photosynthesis and is involved in pollen germination.

• Boron supports the structural and functional integrity of plant cell membranes, enhances flowering blooms and develops a uniform ripening process.

Recommendation: Applicable for all crops

Product Dosage: Foliar spray/ Drip irrigation/ Drenching: 2 ml / L of water

Packaging available: 1000 ml

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