Humisan 98

Samarth Bio Tech Bio Stimulants Humisan 98

Humisan 98

Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Potash

Humisan 98 is an ideal blend of organic carbon, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Potash for increased soil CEC, plant photosynthesis resistance to biotic and abiotic stress
The chelated organic compounds in Humisan 98 help condition the soil, Increase the carbon content and act as a chelating agent for the uptake of important immobilized nutrients.

Advantages: Improves root proliferation – secondary and tertiary roots
• Humisan helps condition the soil
• Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE)
• Improved organic content for advanced biological processes in soil and plants. 

Recommendation: Foliar spray, Drip Irrigation, Drenching

Product Dosage: Foliar or Soil Application: 3 g / L of water

Packaging available: 500 gm, 1000 gm

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