Doctor Soil Health (Plantation Special)

Samarth Bio Tech Bio Fertilizer Doctor Soil Health Plantation Special

Doctor Soil Health (Plantation Special)

Liquid Consortia (Brady Rhizobium/ Azospirillium Brasilense/ Bacillus Megaterium/
Freuteria aurantia)

Doctor Soil Health maintains and catalyses the important function of soil: contributing to nutrient uptake and maintaining cordial relations with other organisms in the root biota. Beneficial microorganisms and organic compounds extracted from earthworm exudates and herbs help plants in achieving their maximum growth potential.

• Beneficial microorganisms help in nutrition uptake and conditioning the soil.
• Stimulates cell division thereby promoting the development of roots and
• Helps in creating an ideal soil microbiome and increasing earthworm
population in the soil.
• Improves the quality of the soil; fixing the carbon content.

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