Doctor Soil Health Arecanut Special

Samarth Bio Tech Doctor Soil Health Arecanut Special 5l

Doctor Soil Health (Arecanut Special)

Liquid Biofertilizer Consortia
Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (Brady Rhizobium, Azospirillium Brasilense, Azotobacter chroococcum)
Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria (Bacillus Megaterium)
Potash Mobilising Bacteria (Freuteria Aurantia)
Prebiotics and other proprietary organic compounds specific for Arecanut crop.”

Doctor Soil Health Arecanut Special is a nutrient package comprising essential plant nutrients, earth-warm exudates, herbal extracts proprietary organic compounds, with Arecanut specific symbiotic organisms for the complete development of Arecanut to all crop stages.


• Minimal fruit cracking and fruit dropping.
• Protect plants from biotic and abiotic stress.
• Improves plant immune system.
• Maintains soil pH and conditions the soil.
• Help in increasing beneficial microorganisms and earthworms.
• Stimulate cell division, thereby promoting the development of root and shoots

Recommendation: Drip Irrigation, Drenching

Product Dosage: 5 L / Acre (Mix 1L in 100L of water. Apply 1L to each tree)

Packaging available: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L

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