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Rhizobia Bardy

One of the most important microorganisms in the agricultural system, Rhizobium Brady sp. biologically fixes atmospheric nitrogen by establishing a symbiotic interaction with legumes or other host crops. Rhizobium Brady sp. forms root nodules on the plant root, within which the bacteria can convert and store atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, a source of nitrogen for plants.


• Helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia
• Enhances plant growth
• Increasing soil productivity and soil fertility

Recommendation: Seed Treatment, Mix with FYM, Rhizosphere application

Product Dose: • For Seed Treatment: Mix 1L with 1 acre of seeds (Approx 25 – 40Kg)
• For seedling dip: Mix 10ml of Rhizobia with 1L of water, Dip the seedling for 10-20 minutes before transplanting
• Drip Irrigation: Mix 2L of Rhizobia with 200 L of water. Drip irrigate 1 acre of land.
• Soil Application: Mix 2L Rhizobia with 100Kg compost or Organic manure, broadcast or apply near the root zone.

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