Amino Gold

Samarth Bio Tech Bio Stimulants Amino Gold

Amino Gold

Amino acid & Potash Hydrolysate derivative, solvents & others

Amino Gold is a unique formulation containing essential Amino Acids that aid plants in protein synthesis, growth, nutrition, and stress responses. Amino Gold contributes to greater flowering during the reproductive stage.


• Improves nutrient uptake and fertilizer use efficiency
• Acts as a catalyst for protein synthesis
• Improves the sweetness, size and overall quality of fruits and vegetables
• Improves keeping quality for better shelf life.

Recommendation: Foliar spray, Drip Irrigation, Drenching

Product Dosage: Foliar spray/ Drip irrigation/ Drenching: 2 ml / L of water

Packaging available: 250 ml, 500ml, 1000 ml

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